• Emergency service - Rooter service/Jetting
  • Drain & sewer Cleaning, Repair & replace
  • Video cameras Inspection
  • Copper Re-Pipe
  • Tank-less Water-Heaters
  • Fix, Repair & Install new plumbing fixtures
  • Complete Plumbing Services
  • Residential & Commercial

    What do you really know about plumbers?

    Plumbers are professionals who assemble, install, and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications. They work with piping systems, install sinks, install tubs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixtures, they clean drainage systems and they do general maintenance. In new construction, a plumber will follow the blueprint and work as a subcontractor for your contractor. New construction plumbing is checked by the building inspector, but on home repair or home renovation it is essential to get good references and to find a reliable plumber with experience and knowledge to determine the plumbing problem and fix it to minimize the expenses out of your pocket. and save you from unnecessary replacements. Rooter Runner is a division of Rafi Cohen Inc plumbing Services that has over 22 years of experience in High end plumbing, Sewer expert and general plumbing services, and an excellent reputation for great service and knowledge in plumbing systems. Rooter Runner believes in referrals and returning customers. Rooter Runner has the right technicians with the best equipment and plumbing knowledge to serve you with a friendly approach and affordable rates.

    Our Services

    Rooter Runner offers a wide range of plumbing services. No job is too small from high end plumbing, new sewer lines, Commercial plumbing, repairs, replacements, fixing fixtures, and drain cleaning. Weather you are looking for commercial or residential our plumbing services can help. Avoid dealing with Plumbing companies that give you quotes for plumbing work without doing an on-site inspection and sending you a sales representative to sell only(not to fix). Plumbing work is subject to many variables and needs to be diagnosed in person by a professional plumber based on an accurate diagnostic. It is passable to give an estimate. It simply can't be given over the phone. Your plumbing problems may be complicated by issues beyond your basic control. Tree roots can penetrate sewer lines, or the original installation of pipes or drains could be defective. Rooter Runner plumbing expert has the experience and best equipment to find the plumbing problem and can give you sound advice on how to control or repair these issues, and what kind of preventive maintenance. Never pay for an on-site inspection meant to give you an estimate. Rooter Runner offers this professional service for free. Rooter Runner will send you a professional plumber(NOT A SALES Representative) with affordable and friendly service .Our experience and advanced equipments can save you from unnecessary expenses. Rooter Runner drain and sewer expert services is fast, clean, affordable, friendly, and environmental friendly by not using chemicals to clean drains.

    Customer Testimonials

    "I am a small construction company that for the past ten years have been specializing in remodels and additions to existing houses. I have worked with Rafi for many years during which he has served my clients well. He has completed the plumbing on my projects in a timely manner, assisted me with inspections, and has worked on complex finish details with care and attention. Thank you Rafi for all your help, I look forward to at least ten more years working together with you."
    Jonathan Silberman (Los Angeles, CA)

    "We have known Rafi for about 20 years. He is a good plumber, helping us at odd times. It is nice to know we have a good backup."
    Pat and Harry Hoover (Los Angeles, CA)

    "Rafi is there when you need him. He is Honorable, respectable and caring. I have been a customer for over 17 years"
    Gail Steinberg (Studio City, CA)

    "Rafi is a very professional plumber, I consult with him before I start any project involving plumbing. I trust his knowledge and reliability to start and finish the project. I know Rafi for over 20 years now."
    Ben Yahalomi (Sherman Oaks, CA)

    "Thank you so much for being so honest . You saved me time and money When you repair part of my sewer line . Others suggested to replace the whole sewer line! I didn’t think there are any more people like you that care and sensitive to costumers needs. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends."
    Sam A. (Valley Village, CA)